Here are a few outfit tips to help you decide what to wear to your shoot. If you have any questions about deciding between outfits, feel free to send me photos and I can help you decide.

Outfit change: You'll get to wear two different outfits. One will be fancy, and one will be casual (think "wine-tasting" casual). For the fancy one, think "summertime wedding guest" vs. business formal.

Prints + Patterns: If you wear a print or a pattern, avoid big logos or anything that may be distracting (like Hawaiian shirts or tie-dyes). Small prints are fine. If one of you does wear a busy pattern, the other's outfit should be more subtle, i.e.: if one wears plaid, the other should wear a solid color. If either of you wears socks, try and have them work with your outfit as well. I recommend not wearing white socks.

Colors: Personally, I love it when brides-to-be wear white, light, or bright colors to engagement sessions. However, please wear whatever colors you feel most comfortable in. Muted or neutral tones are also pretty options. I do recommend steering away from very dark colors.

Comfort: If you'll be wearing heels, bring flats to change into for when we're walking from one location to the next. In case it gets chilly that evening, bring something that'll keep you warm in-between shots.

Makeup and hair: If you have time and want to, it can be fun to have your hair and/or makeup done professionally. Keep in mind that makeup always appears more subtle in photographs than it does in person, so even if you feel like you're wearing too much, it'll look great in photos. If you choose to do it on your own, I suggest wearing more makeup than you normally would, i.e.: apply an extra coat or two of mascara (or even wear falsies! They look fantastic in photos). Places like DryBar and Benefit can be great options. Bring pictures of what you want your hair and/or makeup to look like to help guide the stylist in the right direction.

Nails: If you're planning on having your nails done for the shoot, make sure the color goes with your outfits. Sometimes light colors and neutrals are the best options. There will be a few photos that focus on your hands and the ring, so if you are wearing polish, make sure it's clean and isn't chipped.

The ring: Please clean your ring before the photo shoot. There are two ways I recommend at-home cleanings. 1) Soak it in a small bowl with warm water and dish soap, let it sit for 20 minutes, give or take. Use a toothbrush to scrub the underside of it, as this is where most dirt builds up. 2) Use a toothbrush and toothpaste. Again, scrub all over but focus on the underside. I recommend cleaning it over a counter instead of a sink, then rinse it in a cup of water (instead of running tap water). Make sure to rinse it thoroughly so no toothpaste or soap suds are left behind.